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Raise Your Game.

Today we need simplicity and “2020 Vision” to stay in the game. Finding focus and energy amidst extreme fear and complex inconsistencies is hard. Personal and professional faith guided experience with startups, healthcare issues, natural disasters, five recessions, the ‘’ bust, turnarounds, exits, and now COVID-19 inspired me to share the simplicity that might help. I said, “everyone likes to follow simple steps” and here are four.

First, trust and know that God is with you so you can live without fear. We are human and imperfect, but prayer and thanksgiving make imperfect irrelevant.

Second, deliberate and define your passion(s) and purpose. They are you. God gave you a spirit of power, love and self-discipline. Without them, your energy will die.

Third, be joyful and hungry for righteous wisdom (Bible/Mentors/Friends/Personal Experiences - NOT MEDIA and MANIPULATION). Commit your wisdom to measurable outcomes that lead you to adapt and grow with focus and zeal.

Fourth, experience all the flavors of your life - faith/family/friends/work/nature and play. When you live every moment with love and faith, your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) will become unstoppable. Then your passion, purpose and life will lead you to encourage and pray for others until you RAISE THE HIGHEST PERFORMING CAPITAL.

The American Dream for freedom and independence comes from THAT CAPITAL by humbly offering yourself through mentoring, encouraging and empowering others with your spirit in love. The right time is NOW so “JUST DO IT!”


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