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What's the best way to attract venture capital?

Just to save your time, energy, money and wasted passion I will tell you that you will never acquire venture capital if you are asking this question. The first thing you must know is that startups do not attract venture capital nor do they attract angel or borrowed capital. You do not attract money in this day and age. It is absolutely positive that any capital that you can acquire for even an operating business will never be attracted - it will be earned. You can take all other information here into consideration but I am quite sure that everyone who has raised any capital will tell you that you will have to use your personal resources first, then friends and family or ally businesses. When you have completed a solid plan and proven your business model and execution capability you would then be in position to approach angel networks and individual angels. When your business becomes scalable - if it does - you can then start working to get in front of venture capital investors. Good luck and keep pursuing that dream.

God Bless!

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