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ASK STEVE - For organizations looking to hire management consulting/strategic planning/process impro

I accept no payment until I have conducted a free interview to establish the requirements of the potential client and also their ability to compensate for the work that is required. This interview will deliver all of the information required to form a strategic approach to fulfilling the clients initial needs. Upon completion of the meeting a formal proposal is done and we meet again to address the proposal with the purpose of refining it to fit the client's preferences. Depending upon those preferences there will normally be a retainer followed by payments based upon established milestones and timelines. In a contract services project the rates will be based upon the amount of time and intelligence required and then it will be billed as agreed upon and as is deemed fair and acceptable to both parties. Rates will normally be higher based upon specificity and intelligence required as well as duration and consistency of the workload. The goal for all projects is to create a working model that is acceptable to both parties and has an established track of performance and success measurement.

God Bless!

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