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As a University of St. Thomas graduate in accounting he has grown through his work at Wells Fargo, Merrill Corporation and PwC. He also had the privilege of building his own retail sales company prior to those corporate experiences and greatly benefited from all of his diverse experiences. He learned that passion, energy and intelligence are appreciated and respected at every level of business he has been in.

Greg has always felt the need to give back. He's done so as a coach/teacher/mentor for youth and his peers at school and work. He has been recognized for his ability to interact and build lasting relationships with the people he served. Knowing that financial reporting and accounting knowledge are essential to business success he worked to learn and then outperformed expectations while working at Merrill. In the fall of his senior year, he accepted a position at PwC and learned rapidly from other driven, intelligent, honest and respectful people. His experiences with business synergy, energy, obstacles, surprises and challenges helps him to assess, address, communicate and plan using processes and intelligence that are typically only available to major companies.

As EVP, he assists the exceptionally well networked team in growing businesses from seed stage to maturity. He is thrilled to be part of this new nimble, innovative and energetic culture where he can assist people in living their dreams rather than talking and thinking about them.

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