Who we are?

  • Professional Partner Team
  • Partner specialists
  • Diverse and exceptional services
  • All Industries and locations
  • One stop shop for real results
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What we do?

  • Idea / Startup
  • Early Stage
  • Small companies
  • Medium size Business
  • Leadership Development and Support

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Why engage us?

  • Strategic assessment and planning
  • Listening
  • Educating
  • Problem solving
  • Comforting & Energizing

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Welcome to Leadergized

Leadergized is a place for friendship and support for startup, small, and mid-size businesses. We began because people came to us looking for help and we were delivering it. Over a couple of decades of innovation, growth, and expansion and partnering we have become a globally connected network or group of veteran leaders with backgrounds across many business sectors. We give you the best value because we do not have to pick the best people in our company and we could not claim to have all of the best people working in one business.

Our approach to contract consulting is different. We do not believe that there is a single way to handle the many different situations, challenges, opportunities, and needs that confront business decision makers every day. For that reason we discuss your situation, analyze the facts, consider optional ways to assist you, and then make commitments that will work in all of our best interest. The advantage is that we have worked with and if necessary we will find the best people available to achieve your needs. We guarantee the best help available for your specific needs.

Leadergized has influenced the worlds of many different businesses, organizations, and people – positively. We are paid for delivering results. We do not make promises that we will not keep. We do have a network that is second to none and spans thinkers, leaders, and doers from across four continents. Our friends become your friends when we partner with you. We live every day focused on success and “We Dare You To Resist The Results.”


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Our Capabilities

Industry Experience



- More than 20 industries.
- EXEC MGMT mentoring
- Operations and Processes
- Business Development
- Banking and Finance.

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Teammates / Partners

We have teammates and partners from around the globe. Our list of experts are all selected because of their knowledge, focus, unwavering

commitment, and ability to keep both business and life interesting and fun.

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